Entry requirements

Teams wishing to apply need to meet all of the following entry requirements:

  • Your innovation project is at the pre-start-up phase, in the start-up phase or already formally established as a business or other form of organisation.
  • Whichever stage your innovation project is at, we expect to see a significant innovation potential and that you have a clear idea of your innovation. You will need to put that in writing as a concise innovation project outline of no more than 400 characters in the application form.
  • You may apply as an individual, a team, a business or other organisation.
  • You can enter the challenge with more than one innovation project. The SwissInnovation Challenge Asia is present in a growing number of countries across Asia, however, multiple entries with the same project are not possible.
  • The innovation you propose can be at the ideation, conceptualisation or planning phase. The innovation can also be more mature nature in nature in that you have already worked with it before but feel that it can be developed further.
  • The application form including your innovation project outline of no more than 400 characters must be completed in English.
  • At least one team member needs to be fluent in the English language as all communication including the admission interview will be done in English and all content and material of the programme will be available in English only.
  • You must successfully pass the admission interview to the programme which will be conducted in English.

Please also note the following:

  • A maximum of 100 participants are admitted to the SwissInnovation Challenge Asia per country each year.
  • SwissInnovation Challenge Asia may admit additional projects at a later stage in case we recognise an exceptional innovation potential. As with other participants, all admission criteria must be met in this case.
  • SwissInnovation Challenge Asia reserves the right to refuse an application or to disqualify participants during the programme without issuing a statement of reasons.